Escape Rooms played remotely via an avatar in a physical room

Carfax the Hunter

Carfax is a Dracula themed adventure which takes inspiration from the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola film. You have been sent by Professor Van Helsing to unearth the reason for Lady Westenra’s bizarre symptoms and release her from whatever evil has her in its grasp. The rooms are all in caves […]

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Pursuit Of Assassin Artist

Pursuit of Assassin Artist has a very funny and new, well thought out game concept (we didn’t have one like this before) for a live video escape game. It reminded me a bit of the board game T.I.M.E. Stories. Our mission contains two points that must be fulfilled to bring […]

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The Strange Secret Of Mr. Adrian Rook

Ever since the Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts‘ Choice Award 2020, or TERPECA 2020 for short, where THE MAN FROM BEYOND came in third place as the best-placed Escape Game in the USA, Strange Bird Immersive has become a household name, even for enthusiasts outside of Houston, Texas. Therefore we […]

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The Bach

We have received a very strange message from our Granny. She seems very upset because her invention, which was obviously very important in the history of NZ, is now suddenly being sold by the Aussies as their own. Now she wants us to go into her Kiwiana bach (a beach […]

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Stranger Room

As a big fan of the science fiction mystery series Stranger Things, this room was of course a must! Back to the 80’s is the motto that is captured quite well in this scenario. I am old enough to know some of the props from my youth. The room scores […]

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Escape the Whitechappel Club

‍The Whitechapel Club was founded in 1889 by a small group of newspapermen in Chicago, Illinois, and named after the area in London where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims. It lasted only five years and ended in 1894. The Whitechappel Club is said to have looked more like a […]

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The Cadavera Case

We were alerted to this lovely room by Serial Escapers who had played it in French, and having recently been translated into English we were keen to play Cadavera Case, which is a whodunnit adventure inspired by the board game Clue (Cluedo). Somehow we knew we were in for an […]

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The Mischievous Nisse

Solvang in California is also called the Danish Capital of the USA and is one of „America’s most Christmassy towns“. The Julefest is a Danish holiday tradition and is celebrated in Solvang, usually starting from the end of November, with a month full of lights, festivities, and holiday cheer. The […]

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