Real life escape rooms played in person.

The Hidden Chamber

The Hidden Chamber by Salzufler Unterwelt in Bad Salzuflen

Die Salzufler Unterwelt befindet sich im Bahnhofsgebäude von Bad Salzuflen und ist via Zug gut angebunden an Städte und Verkehrsknotenpunkte wie Herford, Bielefeld, Altenbeken… Der Eingang befindet sich am Bahnsteig und ist gut beschildert. Es werden zwei Szenarien – Die Werkstatt des Alchemisten und The Hidden Chamber – angeboten. Die […]

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The Mystery of the Deveaux Family

The Mystery of the Deveaux Family by Panik Room in Paris

Whoever has played with Heiner knows: Heiner loves horror rooms. Whoever has played with Heiner probably also knows: he isn’t afraid of anything. Neither am I. We have tested horror games, just the two of us (other teammates fell ill), but it didn’t work. We just rummage through the rooms […]

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Dwarfs (Krasnoludy) by CluERoom in Pznan

Once upon a time there were four escaperoomers coming from different corners of Europe to visit 3 little dwarfs. Even if their names weren’t Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar, they had an important mission to fulfil. This passionately built room already starts with a highlight which made us plunge into the […]

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Vikings – Amulets of Power

Vikings by Escape Arena Poznan

If you would have asked me in advance what I am expecting of a Vikings escaperoom, I probably couldn‘t answer at all, cause there weren‘t any expactations! What we then experienced is really worth being told! Vikings is a very atmospheric room with a lot of nice riddles, many of […]

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Personality (Osobowość) by Continuum in Poznan, Poland

The criminal investigation team of Poznan is hunting unsuccsesfully a murder for years but a recent hint is auspicious: The murder could be the famous psychologist Dr. Hoffman. The agents visit him incognito as patients in his praxis where they a have to measure up some tests and find out […]

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Connoisseur by DreamScape in Poznan

Connoisseur, a rich person, who is collecting artefacts, reliquies and especially arts, was watching out to get the famous Mona Lisa. But there‘s no way to get it. Anyway he found a way: By a big robbery. The original Mona Lisa is in his possession and he knows that one […]

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Ice Tiki

Ice Tiki by Way Out in Athens

If you will ask me what I have done during lockdown, I’d mostly say “watch Netflix”, “bake some bread”, and “play games on the Switch”. If you will ask the owner of Ice Tiki the same question, he’d respond with “got bored, tried to find something to do, decided to […]

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Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel by The Codey in Bucharest

The Codex offers 5 Escape Rooms and 2 so-called “Challenge Rooms” (games for larger groups in which points are at stake). The Haunted Hotel by The Codex is surprisingly only playable in English. The room is advertised for ages 13 and up. The success rate (teams that checked in… and […]

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Prometheus by Clock Escape Rooms in Athens

Our goal in the room is very clear – infiltrate a hightech AI, steal its data, and escape. Simple, right? Many Futuristic escape rooms have the same issue – they feel very “cold” and “digital”, and lose some of the magic of escape rooms escaping from the computer to the […]

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