Real life escape rooms played in person.

Abandoned Hotel

Abandoned Hotel by Exit 19 in Wroclaw, Poland

Looming above Sinwood, where malevolence disturbs once tranquil hallways, a hotel begets a mystery. A solitary bellhop remains, forever loyal to the memories of lost women, waiting for those that would put their spirits to rest. Tantalizing, and terrifying, will our misguided curiosity land us as saviours, or will our […]

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In the Shadows of the Pyramids

In the Shadows of the Pyramids by Wyjście Awaryjne in Bydgoszcz, Po

As a group of local archaeologists and scientists, we have been hired by the British government to find out the intentions of the Nazi soldiers who have started intensive archaeological research around the Egyptian city of Tanis. It is believed that they came across something very precious. Our job now […]

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Spellcraft by Tulleys Escape Rooms & Games in Crawley

Yesterday was finally the day of our Tulleys marathon. We played Mutiny, Spellcraft, Dodge City and Nethercott Manor in that order (unfortunately we haven’t played Outfitters). I will focus mostly on Spellcraft, since it was the one that has blown our minds the most, but I will use this review […]

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Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane by TimeTrap Escape Rooms in Reading, UK

London’s burning, London’s burning
Fetch the engines, fetch the engines
Fire, fire, fire, fire! London has been in flames for two days and the city is in complete chaos, but whodunnit? Rumours are endless about who started the fire … It must have been the Catholics! No, surely the Dutch are the […]

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The Time Machine

The Time Machine by Deadlocked Escape Rooms in Reading

Allons-y, time travellers, it’s time to save the world! For a short walk from the Reading train station you will find this little gem of time adventure. After a short debriefing at the HQ you will be tasked to fix a time machine and you will have exactly 60 seconds […]

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cQ Origenes

cQ ORIGENES by Clue Quest London

clueQuest is one of the oldest providers in London. They released four escape rooms and apparently upped their game significantly with each following one. The latest one is cQ Origenes, which is apparently the best escape game in London (rated #125 and #87 in TERPECA 2020 and 2019) not being […]

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Lost by Exit the Room in Munich

Um es vorweg zu nehmen, der Raum Lost ist zu klein, um ihn mit größeren Gruppen (4-6) zu spielen, und zu teuer, (99€ Fr.-So. für 50 Minuten!) um ihn mit kleinen Gruppen (2-3) zu spielen. Wer ihn dennoch spielen möchte, sollte vielleicht warten, bis die neuen Räume ebenfalls mit den […]

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Die Wunderlampe

Die Wunderlampe von EscapeGame Kufstein

We are the most sought after tailors this side of the orient, so naturally we’d attract the attention of the Sultan. That was our plan, after all. Let’s hope we can get away with this sewing facade long enough to find his wealth and steal it. The palace is opulent […]

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Prison Break

Prison Break by EscapeGame Kufstein

Trapped in a prison, but we know there’s a way out. We only need to work together, so grab a spoon and let’s get digging. Prison Break is the quintessential escape game: you’re trapped in a room and need to break out. I’m pleased this rendition of the classic prison […]

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Pirate Treasure

Der versunkene Piratenschatz von EscapeGame Kufstein

We’ve located a sunken pirate, fabled to contain riches from an age forgotten. Boarding our trusty sub we take a deep dive, and a candle, in search of artifacts. Visually this room is appealing, but overall we felt let down. The initial sub-ride set the tone. It’s a static experience […]

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