Real life escape rooms played in person.

Inside the Mirror

The G-Factor-Group is a smaller supplier in the Kallithea district, which was recommended to us by enthusiasts for its interesting puzzle rooms. Originally we wanted to play all three escape games here. But since we did not manage to find a player who speaks Greek, and Freedom for Sale unfortunately […]

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Codename: Blackwater

Mastermind has a new two hour puzzle room called Blackwater. Unlike the other three Escape Games, it is not located in the city center, but in Agia Varvara, a suburb four kilometers west of Athens. Blackwater is the code name of a secret facility that is rumored to be manufacturing […]

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Death Row

A conspiracy has put us in this hopeless situation. The appeal has been denied and the decision is final. The electric chair is waiting for us! When the time of execution comes for one of us, a malfunction in the central system grants us a short respite, which we can […]

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The Cellar

Our investigation, the case of the three missing merchants, led us to Sam’s wine cellar on Flynt Street in Harwood Ward. That fateful place where in 1957 – almost exactly 20 years ago – Sam Benett‘s wife and two children fell victim to a terrible fire. In order not to […]

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Wake up

A brand new and trully flawless escape room, that meets all the criteria to be in the top 10 of my list. Excellent atmosphere, great sets and props, amazing gameplay, clever puzzles and riddles, very nice jumpscares and acting! The flow gradually escalates in intensity as you discover a lot […]

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Woman in Black

Woman in Black is not a typical escape room, It’s literally a small creepy village full of riddles and terror. Excellent atmosphere, dark and spooky, with very impressive settings. The acting is really amazing and the jumpscares are perfectly synchronized with the sound and the light effects… In other words […]

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It was a pleasure for me to visit once again Escaped, which brought me back many fond memories of my first Athens experience, although I was really sorry to hear that several of their games had closed. One of the things I liked about Escaped is that they offer quite […]

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Code Veronica

This was our third visit to Dark School – THE top address for Resident Evil fans! Endless places to explore in Code Veronica which mean we got a good exercise workout too 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️🧟‍♂️! Fortunately, we had Susan, the daughter of the scientist Dr. McCormick, an experienced helper at our side. […]

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We are a team of ghost hunters called in to further investigate the paranormal activity observed in the mansion where the Hongson family, a mother with her three children, once lived. We are not afraid of the myths and rumors which talk about the priests, exorcists and other ghost hunters […]

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