cQ Origenes

cQ ORIGENES by Clue Quest London

clueQuest is one of the oldest providers in London. They released four escape rooms and apparently upped their game significantly with each following one. The latest one is cQ Origenes, which is apparently the best escape game in London (rated #125 and #87 in TERPECA 2020 and 2019) not being […]

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Lost by Exit the Room in Munich

Um es vorweg zu nehmen, der Raum Lost ist zu klein, um ihn mit größeren Gruppen (4-6) zu spielen, und zu teuer, (99€ Fr.-So. für 50 Minuten!) um ihn mit kleinen Gruppen (2-3) zu spielen. Wer ihn dennoch spielen möchte, sollte vielleicht warten, bis die neuen Räume ebenfalls mit den […]

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Prison Break

Prison Break by EscapeGame Kufstein

Trapped in a prison, but we know there’s a way out. We only need to work together, so grab a spoon and let’s get digging. Prison Break is the quintessential escape game: you’re trapped in a room and need to break out. I’m pleased this rendition of the classic prison […]

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Pirate Treasure

Der versunkene Piratenschatz von EscapeGame Kufstein

We’ve located a sunken pirate, fabled to contain riches from an age forgotten. Boarding our trusty sub we take a deep dive, and a candle, in search of artifacts. Visually this room is appealing, but overall we felt let down. The initial sub-ride set the tone. It’s a static experience […]

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Maniac by NoWayOut Innsbruck

I love being invited to dinner, though I should probably check the menu before accepting. Seasoned people is not high on my list of preferred dishes. Maniac is filled with cages, human entrails, and a screaming, but often friendly, young lady. The actress’ role is curiously different to what I’ve […]

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Houdini by NoWayOut Innsbruck

Apparently, breaking into Houdini’s workshop was not a wise idea. We now find ourselves trapped in cages! Perhaps it’s a test. It certainly was for us. Let me start with the positives. The room had a realistic backstage atmosphere, assuming Houdini hired orderly stage hands. There were a variety of […]

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School of Magic

School of Magic by NoWayOut Innsbruck

Darkness must be stopped, but unfortunate vacation planning has left only a few of us junior magic students around to help! Can we pull together our wits, solve the magic sock drawer, and find the crystal? Magic schools are a staple of escape rooms. They offer designers a way to […]

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The Poacher (Der Wilderer)

Der Wilderer von Just Escape Austria, Hall in Tirol

We’re enjoying the forest while collecting mushrooms, when a howl breaks the calm. A mass of eyes and fur are moving in the distance. Bolting in the opposite direction, we do not stop until we happen upon a small cabin. Though this doesn’t seem safe either. Der Wilderer is a […]

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Wizard by Exit the Room Munich

Exit the Room in München bietet drei neue Räume an – Excalibur und Lost in der Filiale in der Schleißheimer Straße, sowie Wizard in der Georgenstraße. Wir hatten Excalibur und Lost gebucht, konnten letzteren allerdings wegen technischer Probleme nicht spielen. Freundlicherweise hat man uns dann auf den Wizard (in der […]

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Excalibur bx Exit The Room in Munich

Die Hinweise kommen über Walkie-Talkie. Der Platz war, insbesondere im ersten Teil des Spiels, sehr knapp bemessen. Man sollte maximal mit 3 Leuten spielen. Wir haben uns zu viert schon sehr auf den Füßen gestanden. Die Deko ist minimalistisch. Die Rätsel (es waren nicht sehr viele) waren Hausmannskost und größtenteils […]

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