Santiago Onel

The Saint

La Santa by SHOCK in Rivas-Vaciamadrid

I had been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced long time ago. I even hoped to play it in our last trip to Madrid in January 2020, but it was not open back then. Expectations were high and the comments heard about it were promising. Sometimes horror rooms […]

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The House (La Casa)

La Casa (The House) by Insomnia Corporation in Berga, Spain

Last year this room made it to the Top 10 of the Terpeca and having had a fantastic experience in El cóctel del doctor (The doctor’s cocktail), the first room from this company and the first (or almost) horror room in Spain, I had high expectations. Interestingly, the company (Insomnia […]

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Malum by Krematorium Escape Rooms in Barcelona

Abandoned by a vegan desertor looking for food, Heiner, Marco and I ventured in this industrial warehouse looking building to face evil, which comes in different shapes and sizes. Malum is a very solid horror room, that had a nicely worked out setting, that I was not expecting beforehand. The […]

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The Courtroom

The Courtroom by The Great Escape in Zwolle, The Netherlands

Finally an interesting thematical twist of a classic! This time you won’t escape a prison, but a courtroom. As with The Mission, they chose also for this game an immersive adventure with role playing elements and actor interaction. The acting was very convincing and the game has a superb start, […]

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The Mission

The Mission by The Great Escape in Zwolle, The Netherlands

One of the things I regret the most is not having played the old rooms of The Great Escape. “The Experiment” was for a long time among the top rooms of the country, but unfortunately it closed its doors, before I got the chance to play it. In my experience […]

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Soup Du Jour

Soup Du Jour by Rock City Escape in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Rock City Escape had made a name for itself with their first game Bloody Mary, so I was particularly curious about how their second room was going to be. The original location and in-character introduction (which they had also in their first game) definitely adds value to the experience. I […]

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Stay in the Dark

Stay in the Dark by DarkPark in Vlaardingen

DarkPark is a synonym of quality games in the Netherlands and with The End they left the comfort zone of what was more frequently found in this country and created a quite different concept. With Stay in the Dark they went one step (actually many steps) further and created an […]

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Molly’s Game

I am a big fan of the rooms of Down the Hatch. I played their first room, the original Down The Hatch, which later closed, when I was starting the escape enthusiast path. After thoroughly enjoying the Cooper Case and Flight 815, I was thrilled to read (in what seems […]

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The Curse

The Curse by in Amsterdam

With The Curse I played the last of the 4 escape rooms this company has to offer and I was never disappointed by them (although Back to the USSR is more a beginner’s first-generation room). The Curse is like all the other 4 escape rooms at this company, what it […]

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The Gallery

The Gallery by Escapist in Amsterdam

While in many countries a few major cities concentrate the majority of the best games, for instance Athens in Greece or Barcelona in Spain, the escape room scene in the Netherlands is spread out throughout the country, which is why in this last trip we were in 7 out of […]

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