Lee Ballan

Virtual X-Caper

„Ok cool, the Avatar is inputing the code in the keypad, and the keypad is making the usual beeps. …wait, is the Avatar making those beep sounds?“ Agent November was captured, as he was searching for the infamous jewel thief, Robyn Yew, who is a part of a large crime […]

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Before Moonrise

A cabin in the woods sounds like quite a calm vacation spot. But that’s not the case when outside of the cabin is a werewolf, and you are not there for a vacation – but in order to survive. In Before Moonrise room, you will need to solve puzzles, and […]

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Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

This weird lockdown has begun roughly 10 months ago. During this 10 months, we didn’t travel, we didn’t play physical escape rooms, and we didn’t even take a flight.Well, that’s not accurate. We did take one flight, and somehow specifically it has crashed in a jungle, next to some mysterious […]

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