Jackie Catterall

Carfax the Hunter

Carfax is a Dracula themed adventure which takes inspiration from the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola film. You have been sent by Professor Van Helsing to unearth the reason for Lady Westenra’s bizarre symptoms and release her from whatever evil has her in its grasp. The rooms are all in caves […]

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The Cadavera Case

We were alerted to this lovely room by Serial Escapers who had played it in French, and having recently been translated into English we were keen to play Cadavera Case, which is a whodunnit adventure inspired by the board game Clue (Cluedo). Somehow we knew we were in for an […]

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The Bunker

I so want to say we enjoyed this room but it turned out to be a complete car crash. The main problem was Jitsi… this is the first (and will be the only) time I ever play a remote room on Jitsi. I thought Discord was dire, but Jitsi takes […]

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The Wizard’s Secret

Thought you’d like another horror story… A travesty of a game from start to finish. First they forgot our booking, so after a call to the US they suddenly opened the zoom room and we went straight into the room, no briefing or apology… just here you all are in […]

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The Don Vito Investigation

Playing as one half of a team of two I really enjoyed this room, its a classical escape game but has a solid narration with enough embellisment ito the story n the room to enhance the plot without interferring with the game play. Whilst not the biggest of escape rooms […]

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Room 228: Do Not Disturb

Standard creepy hotel game with low level lighing, but the rooms are well themed and the puzzles work well with the narrative. Not sure if this was a hasty conversion to a remote room but at several points you can see puzzles, or parts of puzzles that aren’t used, which […]

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