Heiner Stepen

Frankenstein Jr.

Frankenstein Jr by Cogito Ergo Room in Rome, Italy

Frankenstein Jr. by Cogito Escape Room is a humorous adaptation of Mel Brook’s 1974 classic film Young Frankenstein, starring Gene Wilder as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, Marty Feldman as hunchback Igor and Peter Boyle as the monster. Unfortunately, at the time we played it, the room had not yet been fully […]

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Mr Copplestone’s Curiosity Shoppe

MR COPPLESTONE'S CURIOSITY SHOPPE by Escape Quest in Macclesfield, UK

Escape Quest in Macclesfield was one of the first operators in the UK. Mr Copplestone’s Curriosity Shoppe is quite a unique and challenging scenario for up to 10(!) people. I would recommend three to five players. I particularly liked the game concept where all teams, regardless of experience level, are […]

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Der Lazarus Effekt

Der Lazarus Effekt by escapeArea in Balingen, Germany

Den krönenden Abschluss eines langen Escape-Wochenendes mit 12 Spielen in Baden Württemberg und der Schweiz bildet die escapeArea in Balingen. Unsere letzter Besuch (im Juli 2019) ist schon eine Weile her. Der Lazarus Effekt heißt die neuste Kreation der Betreiber Carina und Micha, welche sich am Standort Frommern befindet. Über […]

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Orient Express – Die Todesfahrt

Orient Express by Next Level Escape Room in Kloten, Switzerland

Auf unserem Escape Trip durch Baden-Württemberg und die Schweiz haben wir auch einen Stop bei Next Level Escape in Kloten (im Kanton Zürich) gemacht, um dort den „Orient Express“ zu spielen, von dem wir schon viel Gutes gehört hatten. Bei diesem Abenteuer begebt ihr euch auf eine immersive Reise durch […]

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Safe: The Secret of Jack Daniel

SAFE: THE SECRET OF JACK DANIEL by The Padlock in Prague, Czech Republic

The Padlock is one of the most popular providers in Prague. “Safe” occupies the top position on our current Ranked Playlist Prague and the first two creations, “The Cemetery” and “Mission #53” have also placed among the top 10 Escape Games.  “Safe: The Secret of Jack Daniel” was created in […]

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CINEMA by LostExit in Prague, Czech Republic

The second LostExit narrative centres on a small retro cinema and its oddball projectionist who openly dreams of becoming a director and making his own film. Everyone, including us, thought he was a weirdo and laughed at him behind closed doors … until one day an invitation from him to […]

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SCHOOL by LostExit in Prague, Czech Republic

Although we have already been to Prague three times, LostExit was unfortunately completely unknown to us. Luckily, this good insider tip was mentioned to us by another operator during research for our fourth visit to the Czech capital. LostExit is located in the Old Town (Prague 2) and operates two […]

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The Studies of Dr Becker

The Studies of Dr Becker by Emergency Exit in Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

The year 2022 started with the eagerly awaited news, that the award winning company „Emergency Exit Escape Games“ came up with a new chapter: „The Studies of Dr Becker“ is their third online available Escape Game after „Exorcist“ and „The Beast“. And with them both still being No. 1 and […]

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Time Machine

Time Machine by Mad Machines in Milan, Italy

Wouldn’t you also be interested in knowing what your life would have been like in another age? Who would you be? A gunslinger in the Wild West? A gladiator in the Roman Empire? A quack in the Middle Ages? We’re keenly interested, and thanks to Dr Mad, our curiosity can […]

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Birth Machine

Birth Machine by Mad Machines in Milan, Italy

Try the impossible! That is Dr. Mad’s motto and that’s exactly what he has achieved with his latest invention. No one can remember their birth, so wouldn’t it be phenomenal if we knew exactly how it all happened? Thanks to the Doctor’s incredible Birth Machine, we are now able to […]

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