Heiner Stepen

Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel by The Codey in Bucharest

The Codex offers 5 Escape Rooms and 2 so-called “Challenge Rooms” (games for larger groups in which points are at stake). The Haunted Hotel by The Codex is surprisingly only playable in English. The room is advertised for ages 13 and up. The success rate (teams that checked in… and […]

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Steampunk Chronicles

Steampunk Chronicals by Troll Escape Rooms in Bucharest

The owners are passionate gamers and therefore, according to their own statements, create their own rooms in the way they would like to play escape games themselves. Exciting, immersive missions, with a lot of passion and attention to detail, a high degree of automation, special effects and high-quality decor. Troll […]

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The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones

The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones by Escape Arena in Bucharest

The Escape Arena is located a little outside the center of Bucharest, but can be easily reached by car or taxi (travel time approx. 15 minutes). The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones is currently the only adventure in the Escape Arena, but another one – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey […]

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Tahicardia by The Void in Bucharest

With a playing time of 100 minutes, Tahicardia is currently the longest Escape Room in Bucharest. The setting is strongly reminiscent of the horror thriller Saw. However, I would rather describe this room as atmospheric and not classify it in the horror genre. The plot is about a team of […]

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The Amulet of Zorro

The Amulet of Zorro by LOCKEDup in Bucharest

LOCKEDup in Bucharest offers four different Escape Games at two locations. We played three of them. The fourth room, Blacklist, was unfortunately “under construction”. “The Amulet of Zorro” was our first game in Bucharest. It is a refreshingly new theme for an Escape Adventure. Zorro, the masked folk hero, is […]

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In the Shadows of the Pyramids

In the Shadows of the Pyramids by Wyjście Awaryjne in Bydgoszcz, Po

As a group of local archaeologists and scientists, we have been hired by the British government to find out the intentions of the Nazi soldiers who have started intensive archaeological research around the Egyptian city of Tanis. It is believed that they came across something very precious. Our job now […]

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Lost by Exit the Room in Munich

Um es vorweg zu nehmen, der Raum Lost ist zu klein, um ihn mit größeren Gruppen (4-6) zu spielen, und zu teuer, (99€ Fr.-So. für 50 Minuten!) um ihn mit kleinen Gruppen (2-3) zu spielen. Wer ihn dennoch spielen möchte, sollte vielleicht warten, bis die neuen Räume ebenfalls mit den […]

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Wizard by Exit the Room Munich

Exit the Room in München bietet drei neue Räume an – Excalibur und Lost in der Filiale in der Schleißheimer Straße, sowie Wizard in der Georgenstraße. Wir hatten Excalibur und Lost gebucht, konnten letzteren allerdings wegen technischer Probleme nicht spielen. Freundlicherweise hat man uns dann auf den Wizard (in der […]

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Excalibur bx Exit The Room in Munich

Die Hinweise kommen über Walkie-Talkie. Der Platz war, insbesondere im ersten Teil des Spiels, sehr knapp bemessen. Man sollte maximal mit 3 Leuten spielen. Wir haben uns zu viert schon sehr auf den Füßen gestanden. Die Deko ist minimalistisch. Die Rätsel (es waren nicht sehr viele) waren Hausmannskost und größtenteils […]

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