Monthly Archives: November 2021


Dwarfs (Krasnoludy) by CluERoom in Pznan

Once upon a time there were four escaperoomers coming from different corners of Europe to visit 3 little dwarfs. Even if their names weren’t Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar, they had an important mission to fulfil. This passionately built room already starts with a highlight which made us plunge into the […]

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Vikings – Amulets of Power

Vikings by Escape Arena Poznan

If you would have asked me in advance what I am expecting of a Vikings escaperoom, I probably couldn‘t answer at all, cause there weren‘t any expactations! What we then experienced is really worth being told! Vikings is a very atmospheric room with a lot of nice riddles, many of […]

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Personality (Osobowość) by Continuum in Poznan, Poland

The criminal investigation team of Poznan is hunting unsuccsesfully a murder for years but a recent hint is auspicious: The murder could be the famous psychologist Dr. Hoffman. The agents visit him incognito as patients in his praxis where they a have to measure up some tests and find out […]

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Connoisseur by DreamScape in Poznan

Connoisseur, a rich person, who is collecting artefacts, reliquies and especially arts, was watching out to get the famous Mona Lisa. But there‘s no way to get it. Anyway he found a way: By a big robbery. The original Mona Lisa is in his possession and he knows that one […]

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