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The Disappearance of the Professor


Welcome to the Chronosphere agency of time! I love escape rooms that deal with time, time travel, and anything related. We are sent 100 years to the past, to investigate a problematic timeline, and discover the secrets of the disappearance of Professor Maimonides. I really hoped for a room that […]

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Purple Experience

PURPLE EXPERIENCE by Experiencity in Madrid

In an alternative universe, the Nazis have won World War 2, and have essentially taken over the world. And not only that, Dr Jones (you know, that Indiana fella) has been captured! Our goal – infiltrate his office, and gather information in order to defeat the Reich! So, first of […]

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Blue Experience: Entrenched

BLUE EXPERIENCE: ENTRENCHED by Experiencity in Madrid

While making your way through the trenches during world war 2, you face a few challenges – puzzles, tasks, and a challenge that isn’t usually as apparent as it is in this room – disorientation. Do you remember the third task from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, with […]

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Bites Motel

When looking at the trip schedule, it’s usually easy to predict which games will be the highlights, the memorable and great rooms that will stand out. I must admit, neither of us expected Bites Motel to be one of those. However, we realized our mistake instantly, as we entered the […]

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The Mystery of Scum Island

The Mystery of Scum Island by Madness Toledo

Given the theme of the room, I think that, this time,Every couple of lines should end with a rhyme! As you read about the room, one fact you will learn –There is no doubt, to Monkey Island you must return! Many puzzles, good humor, but wait, there is more,to the […]

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The Saint

La Santa by SHOCK in Rivas-Vaciamadrid

I had been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced long time ago. I even hoped to play it in our last trip to Madrid in January 2020, but it was not open back then. Expectations were high and the comments heard about it were promising.Sometimes horror rooms tend […]

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Mutant X-perience

MUTANT X-PERIENCE by Action Room Escape in Barcelona

I love rooms that do something different. I love them so much. As the industry grows, and more and more rooms are created, there are a few types of rooms that emerge. Some try to do the same but better, and some try to pave a new path forward, into […]

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Blasphemia by Cindy Box in Sant Fruitós de Bages

Every time I enter a horror room, I have a small wish – maybe this time it’s location will be a park full of cute puppies, or maybe an ice cream store? And in this case, my hopes came true! And by “true” I meant “absolutely wrong”, as we entered […]

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Sulaco by Estellar Trek in Sabadell / Spain

The last thing I said to the owner of Sulaco before leaving the venue after the room was, with all of my heart, “go to hell”. That was probably the first time I’ve ever said that to an owner, and he truly deserved it. In the most positive way possible.Spaceship […]

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Nathael by Cubick Mataro

After playing El Secuestro (The Kidnapping) from Cubick a few weeks ago, I had quite high expectations from their newest room, Nathael. It is definitely not one of the scariest games I’ve played, but not one of the lightest ones either. The company’s website has no information about it whatsoever, […]

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