Daily Archives: 30. September 2021

Midwich College

Midwich College by Silent Town in Basauri

My favourite thing about writing this specific review, is that I only write the text, and not give the star rating, in Heiner’s weird 6 star system. Because unlike most rooms, that I usually know how to rank, I’m extremely conflicted about Midwich College. On the one hand, this is […]

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The Temple of Fire

THE TEMPLE OF FIRE by El templo de fuego in Sodupe, Spain

If the name “El Templo de Fuego” doesn’t get a Eurovision song stuck in your head, we are very different people. But apparently The Temple of Fire wasn’t a shrine for Eleni Foureira (a very niche joke that will make ~2 people giggle), but instead a 75 minute quest, to […]

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The Rebellion – Hybrid Line

The Rebellion by Blindhouse Games in Bilbao

This review goes back to the very first room of this trip (ignoring the 11 that came before it, that Heiner doesn’t consider as relevant since he wasn’t there). Blind House offer three options on their website – the lycanthropes line (75 minute room), the vampire line (75 minute room), […]

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