Daily Archives: 27. October 2020

Sin City Remastered

We are private investigators who search for the missing Marta on behalf of her family. Someone believes to have seen Marta near an abandoned clinic in central Athens. This is where we begin our search for clues… Mastermind, one of the few providers in Athens, which is already open at […]

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The Order Of Light

After our encounter with Frankenstein’s monster, we should get to the bottom of the secrets of the legendary Order of Light. At first, expectations are played a little when one finds oneself in the setting of a bar or lounge. Nevertheless, there is one or the other to discover here […]

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Frankenstein’s Legacy

We received a very friendly welcome in a typical old building in Piraeus. After a short break, which we also needed after the previous games, we were led into the room one after the other without a view. The first thing that catches the eye is the good use of […]

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Silent Hill pt. 2

This Escape Game is based on P.T. (a playable teaser for the game Silent Hills) which is about an unnamed protagonist who opens a door to a haunted corridor, in which he can only walk through a hallway which continuously loops and redecorates itself. Mindtrap is a major Franchise in […]

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