Daily Archives: 26. December 2019

Railway Station

This escape room is constantly mentioned when people ask about recommendations to play in Santander. And the main reason is that the set is impressively made, which is one of the stronger points of this room. It really brings to life a Western railway station. Being among the first rooms […]

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Die verbotene Stadt 1901

Nach Beutezug 1847 waren wir unheimlich gespannt auf den neuen Raum von time maze! „Die verbotene Stadt 1901“ führte uns hinter die Mauern eines grossen Schweizer Elektrokonzerns anfangs des 20. Jahrhunderts. Das mysteriöse Verschwinden einer der Firmengründer aufzudecken ist unsere Mission. Hinter der weissen Tür erwartete uns ein Raum welcher […]

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Lilith’s Doll Shop

After successfully exiting the temple, it was time to investigate the mysterious things that were going in a toy store. As in the other room, the set is very well made. Also, here the puzzles were enough to do but also manageable. We played, like in the previous room with […]

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Harrison Jones – In Search Of The 6th Element

With this room we started an escape trip that covered three Spanish autonomous regions (Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias), with an amazingly tight schedule, not without difficulties, but at the end succeeding in everything we had planned to play. We went from the airport straight to the zone, where this […]

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