Daily Archives: 27. October 2019

Das Geheimnis der Puppen

Ah, the family house, inherited from her great grandfather. It’s a nice neighbourhood, quiet, what could go wrong if she leaves her girls alone for an hour to do some errands? Well, they’re gone now, without a trace. We need to find out what happened. The game starts in the […]

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Ocean’s Challange

Everybody appreciates art, to see how society progresses through the expressions of the painters. Our job is to admire the art, and of course steal the gold hidden in here somewhere. This is a minimally decorated room, which kind of works for a museum. It could have more, but the […]

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Der Ring der Macht

A glorious quest to find the precious ring. Okay, perhaps it’s limited to only the hobbit cave, but it’s important to find nonetheless. We can’t let those nasty orcs get to it first. This is a suitably quaint room, being a hobbit home. The props were definitely small, but I […]

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The Roof

You know us, we’ll never turn down the chance to explore a haunted old house. Our confidence is shaken with our first step through the door. Something isn’t right here. This may have a been a mistake. I was not expecting this room. Most of the horror themed rooms fail […]

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Magic School

Mmm, jelly beans. Wait! Don’t eat them all. You need them to solve a puzzle. Who doesn’t like a room with candy dispensers? And magic! And a phoenix! If I add that this is a school, you can probably guess the theme. This room had some nice props, but it […]

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