Daily Archives: 3. October 2019


IT has a very nice scenery (and sound system) that gives you the feeling being in the movie. The first Part of the game is the more the puzzle part. I like the hint system. I think it’s unique. We used it much to often, because some of the riddles […]

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We were greeted by a strange-looking lady. The whole stuff was extremely friendly. Docklands has a dark, spooky atmosphere which reminds of a pier and so perfectly matching the theme. It is without any terror or actors. Instead there are many puzzles of medium difficulty with a good variety. The […]

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Dead Bride

We had already planned Dead Bride for our first trip to Athens, but unfortunately we missed the 3rd player at that time. Kisa and Lyov’s invited us to their wedding. As we stand in front of their front door, a bad feeling creeps up on us. It’s much too quiet! […]

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Monika’s Diary

We are group of investigators from the Greek police department and have a search warrant of Athens Court of first instance to search the residence in Aristotelous 19 in the municipality of Kallithea, Athens. The owner of the house is suspect Frank. We have to avoid any contact with him, […]

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